There are loads of various approaches to take screenshots on your Android gadget. Some are producer particular, some are working framework wide, and some depend on committed applications from the Google Play Store.

Equipment producers get a kick out of the chance to take Android and transform it into something that is completely their own, however is this a decent or an awful thing? Investigate and think about these distinctive Android skins.

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It can be hard to comprehend the alternatives all and figure out which is the best approach for your particular gadget.

In this article, will talk you through probably the most widely recognized techniques and demonstrate to you a few outsider applications on How to take screenshot on an Android Device.

1. Utilizing the Stock Android Operating System

Since Android 4.0, taking screenshots utilizing simply your gadget has been a breeze.

Press and hold the Volume Down + Power catches in the meantime, and you’ll see a concise onscreen movement taken after by an affirmation in the warning bar that the activity was effective.

There is a skill to getting the planning right. Press the power catch too early and you’ll bolt your gadget’s screen. Press the volume catch too early and you’ll wind up changing the gadget’s sound settings.


2. Utilizing Manufacturer Shortcuts

Not all telephones utilize the standard Android strategy.

Samsung gadgets oblige you to press the Power + Home catches. From that point, the procedure is the same. You’ll be given an on-screen affirmation and the picture will be distinguishable in your display application.

A few telephones utilize the standard strategy additionally have extra alternatives. For instance, on the Sony Xperia Z5 you can press the power catch to get to the choices menu. From that point, you can take screenshots and record the screen.


Telephones from Motorola, LG, and HTC all utilization the standard technique.

3. Root Your Phone

Prior variants of Android would not permit applications to take screenshots of the gadget without establishing. It was a security highlight intended to keep noxious downloads from keeping an eye on you and taking private data.

As we’ve revealed as often as possible at MakeUseOf, Android is no longer safe from malware. The quantity of dangers is on the ascent. This shouldn’t be astonishment to anybody. Cell phones and tablets can convey a wide range of…

android-establishing cite

Be that as it may, establishing your gadget would open you up to a universe of potential outcomes. There are loads of applications in the Play Store that have a basic “Take Screenshot” catch, particularly to use on old established variants of Android. We canvassed some of them in our article about the five best Android applications for taking better screenshots.

For a point by point take a gander at establishing your gadget, look at our broad guide.

Take Control: Android Rooting Guide

Take Control: Android Rooting Guide

As of the composition of this guide, roughly 80% of the total populace possesses their own particular cellphone. Out of those, 1.08 billion are cell phones.

4. Screenshot Easy

How about we investigate several the best outsider applications. Their essential usefulness is the same as the stock technique, yet they offer some cool extra elements that aren’t accessible locally.

The first to look at is Screenshot Easy.


It has some extraordinary convenience capacities. For instance, it gives you a chance to take shots utilizing a screen overlay catch, a catch in the notice bar, or by shaking your gadget.

There are additionally some incredible post-shot choices. You can trim your screenshots, change over them to a ZIP document, alter the hues, and incorporate time and date stamps. Pictures can be spared in either PNG or JPG arrange.

Download: Screenshot Easy (Free) from the Play Store

5. Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot is allowed to utilize and does exclude promotions, settling on it an awesome decision for clients who need a spotless and simple to-utilize application.

Maybe its best component is its capacity to edit your screenshots before it confers them to memory. It additionally gives you a chance to resize your snaps, write on them, add content notes to them, and include different channels. To accomplish similar outcomes utilizing the stock Android strategy, you’d have to download a photograph altering application.

Photographs can be spared specifically to your telephone’s SD card to spare space, where suitable.

Download: Super Screenshot (Free) from the Play Store

6. On Non-Rooted Pre-Android 4.0 Devices

Prior to the presentation of Android 4.0 in October 2011, there was no real way to take a screenshot utilizing the working framework.

Obviously, very few individuals are utilizing old renditions of Android on their telephones. However, in the event that you’ve been compelled to utilize Gingerbread or Honeycomb ā€“ maybe on the grounds that your principle gadget is out of activity and you’re utilizing an old extra ā€“ you have to know how to take screenshots as well.

The best technique for non-attached gadgets is to utilize the Android SDK. Yes, it’s bulky to setup, however it’s the most trustworthy approach.


You can download the SDK from the official Android site. Introducing and setting up the SDK application is past the extent of this article, yet we canvassed the procedure in detail somewhere else on the site.

The most effective method to Capture Screenshots With Your Android Mobile Phone

Instructions to Capture Screenshots With Your Android Mobile Phone

Look at the No Root Screenshot It application on the off chance that you need a less complex UI.

Which Method Do You Use?

I trust I’ve demonstrated to you how assorted the diverse strategies are.

To condense, insofar as you’re utilizing Android 4.0 or later (and you most likely are), your telephone will have the capacity to take screenshots locally. In case you’re searching for extra alternatives, you ought to swing to an outsider application, and in case you’re running a prior adaptation of Android, you’ll have to either root your gadget or utilize a desktop application.


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